Junk car removal

There are a couple of things that you need to know when you are considering having someone come and remove a junk car.

The first thing is: Do they have the equipment to safely remove the car? Some people that you call will come with another vehicle and a tow rope / strap to remove your junk car. We have the proper equipment and we know how to safely remove any junk vehicle from your home, business, storage location, etc.

We have two different kinds of trailers to safely remove your junk car.

The second thing is: The ad says they will pay you hundreds of dollars for your car. A lot of times, people will use this false statement to get you to call THEM. Once they come out to remove the vehicle, the story changes. I can tell you from being a licensed recycler that very few vehicles are worth 2-3 hundred dollars when they are junked. These people are looking for some very specific things on your vehicle that they think they can make money off of. They will always tell you that your junk vehicle doesn't have this or that on it and they can't pay you very much (if anything) for it. How do you know if the information that they are giving you is true? They have already lied to you once, and the chances that they are lying again is very high.

What we offer for your junk car

We are telling you the truth from the beginning. We are happy to come and remove your vehicle. It doesn't matter if there are any parts missing from the vehicle. It actually doesn't matter if it is a complete vehicle. We will safely remove any vehicle or part of a vehicle from you for absolutely free.

I am going to be up-front with you and completely honest. We are unable to offer you any money for your vehicle. We are not in the business of saving parts from vehicles to make more money off of them. We will take your vehicle to the scrap yard and get current scrap prices (which is usually enough to cover our expenses and make a couple of dollars profit).

We do offer you the peace of mind in knowing that with one phone call the junk vehicle that you are tired of looking at will be safely removed. You will not be told that we can't do it because there are parts missing from the vehicle.

Please remember that with anyone you call to remove a junk vehicle, the laws of the State of Florida require that the title must accompany the vehicle or piece of vehicle. This is to help combat vehicles being stolen and subsequently scrapped.

GIVE US A CALL FIRST! Don't be scammed by those other people. Visit the 'Contact Us' tab and give us a call.'